Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures

Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures

“If you were to close your eyes, and imagine where your wildest dreams would take you, where would you go? If you had no limits, where would you end up?”

It was a warm Tuesday evening, and I had just found myself being that guy who was challenging a small business owner about her goals. Her name was Carol, and we had a close relationship. She wrote a book about grief recovery, and had a deep passion for this type of ministry. Unfortunately, she struggled with identifying and combining the necessary components to effectively communicate this passion.

“Let me rephrase that, Carol. If you were to close your eyes, where does the success of your published book place you when it’s all said and done with?”

“Well I’d never thought where it might land me,” she replied.

Shocked, I said “So you’re telling me you work day and night on this passion of yours, but don’t have the slightest clue of what drives you?”

Pausing for a minute, she replied, “Hmm, I guess I want to make a comfortable living, and help people.”

“Come on Carol,” I said. “I know you have a wild imagination. If you close your eyes, where does your success land you? Do you change the perspective of humanity and adjust society, or do you live out a peaceful existence, touching one life at a time?”

“Okay fine, let me think.” After a few quick seconds, she opened her eyes, and smiled. “My dream is to change the culture of how people deal with the loss of a loved one. I feel most people miss out on the silver lining grief has to offer a hurting soul.”

“There you go! Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

Sitting straight up in her chair, Carol realized what she’d been missing out on. “Wow! I can’t believe I’ve never said that out loud! Yes, this is definitely my dream, and it’s exactly what I am working towards!”

“Carol, you’ve done what most people will never do. You’ve stated something without limiting yourself, making excuses, or shortchanging your imagination. I’m so proud of you! Let me ask you a question. Where are you in relationship to your end success dream?”


Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures


She paused for another moment, then dropped her shoulders with disappointment. “Very far away.”

“Great!” I replied, smiling from ear to ear. “That means we now have a beginning point, and an end…five minutes ago, you didn’t have either of those. We now have a direction we are headed.”

Her eyes open wide, and she sits back up. “You’re right! We at least have a start and a finish. That makes so much sense! Is it truly as simple as that?”

“Yes,” I replied. “The trick is to imagine the end first, then the beginning next – it’s backwards!”

“So now that I’ve stated this end and beginning points, some invisible spirit of greatness will lead me to success, right? State it, and let the gods of destiny do the rest!”

“No, silly. It means you’re not going to spend any energy without knowing if it helps you get to your dream of success. You’ve already done what most people haven’t, now you get to be more effective in the areas most people aren’t. While everyone else is hoping for a result, you’re crafting yours.”

She began to slump in her chair again. “Well, I have so much to learn though. I don’t know anything about Facebook, or Twitter, or even how to do accounting. I can’t even design a website, and I struggle with getting people to view my blog.”

“Carol, you’re getting scared. Why don’t you close your eyes and imagine that dream again. This time, remember how it feels!”

After a few seconds, her smile returns. “There you go,” I said. “When you feel like there’s just so much to do, with so little skill, just close your eyes.”

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll practice closing my eyes, but how are we going to get to this success dream I have?”

“Let’s meet back here tomorrow, and I’ll tell you how.”

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