“There will never be anything you do in your life more important than bringing value to someone else’s.” -Anton


Photo Credit: Jessica Nichole

Anton was born in Moscow, Russia. He spent the first several years of his life in an orphanage. At the age of seven, he was adopted by an American family, and moved to beautiful Northern California.

By the time Anton finished his first year of college, he realized formal education wasn’t the right road for his future. He withdrew from college halfway through his second year, and began working in the fine dining restaurant scene. During his employment, he fell in love with the concept of creating and controlling environments…as all restaurants strive to perfect.

Even though he dropped out of college, he still valued the competitive edge of being educated. Seeing the need to continue his education, Anton discovered a unique and effective style. He would go to local bookstores and buy anything related to the type of job he was currently performing. By immersing himself in this style of learning, he was able to effectively teach himself and practice the necessary tools to succeed…on his own timeline.

By experiencing and instantly applying his reading material, Anton’s passion for restaurant operations exploded. He became addicted to asking his own questions and researching his own answers. His learning technique was unique, as is anything Anton dives into. He read about food, wine, restaurant operations, proper serving etiquette, and so much more.

Every meal was eaten with a purpose, and every glass of wine sipped with intention. Anton would go to restaurants on his days off just so that he could watch the wait staff, kitchen, and managerial personnel perform their duties for the guest environment they were creating. It was his “class,” and he had many teachers answering his most immediate questions.

Through his experience in the restaurant field, Anton began to develop what he calls a “3D business picture.”

When asked why he attaches business to a picture, he stated:

“Attaching business to a 3D picture is the only way I know how to make this conglomerate of information personal, approachable, and valuable. It’s that never ending developing picture to ensure business never gets boring, and that I never get lost. Whether I’m figuring out that new word, grasping a new concept, or integrating components I’ve just learned, it always adds to that same picture. Even though I don’t talk like the big guys right now, we’re talking about the same big things. Why not be excited and understand it at my current level, so I can actually do something about it?”

After spending two years in the heart of California’s wine capitol, Anton decided to switch gears. He wanted to figure out the nuts and bolts of the corporate world, so he landed a job as a barista at Starbucks Coffee. He moved to Santa Barbara, CA, where he began round two of his educational growth. He bought books on quality leadership, team building, corporate structure, and cultivating sustainable brands.

As he climbed into a supervisor position, he began looking at numbers, graphs, business plans, and measurements. It was common to see Anton staying after work hours researching how Starbucks was run.

After roughly another two years, Anton switched gears once again. He went from cleaning bathrooms and slinging espresso shots, to learning about the sales industry.

Seeing he needed a faster pace of life, Anton got a job at The Walking Company selling comfort shoes in Las Vegas. This time, his process was focused on the art of selling. Anton once again, repeated his routine. He read books and blogs about building rapport, proper communication, appropriate closing techniques, and powerful followup skills.

It wasn’t uncommon to find Anton running around the Vegas Strip observing people in their own selling environments. Anton’s friends often wondered why he would drag them to stores without buying anything. Little did they know, he wasn’t there to buy, but to simply observe.

By his mid twenties, Anton had naturally evolved from studying and identifying components of business to studying how they intertwined with each other. His pieces to his business picture had turned from, as he states, “a stagnant canvas to a living, breathing specimen.” To this day, he still continues to study his areas of interest. He enjoys growing, “zooming out,” and “adjusting his business picture.” He continuously develops to ensure he is effective and influential in whatever position he holds.

When asked why Anton chose this specific area of focus, he states:

“It chose me! I see small business owners struggle, and ineffective operations sap the energy out of people’s lives. I see the frustration on employees faces when leadership refuses to care, or is unable to provide the necessary tools for their success. I can’t just sit there, and not do anything about it!”

Anton doesn’t claim to know all. He just simply sees things others don’t. He often shares his view, and opinion. The people who choose to listen react with nothing shy of an eyebrow raiser:

“Why wait? Why wait until the end of college, or become a manager? You miss out on so much when you limit yourself because your picture is currently ‘simple.’ Just like small particles make up the bigger ones, small bits of enlightenment make up paradigm shifting realizations!”

His goal is to share his perspective so others can start being effective in creating their own business picture.

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Anton talks, sleeps, eats, and daydreams about business. Although he constantly watches shows and video clips about fixing businesses, creating company cultures, and stream lining operations, his deepest passion is how these unseen elements affect people. His form of fun is being able to connect the dots and deliver the results to better people’s lives.

If you ask Anton a question, don’t expect a normal answer!