Biz Understood is a unique approach to understanding the art and strategy of business. It integrates a visual aspect, and challenges readers to think outside the box. The goal of Biz Understood is to provide simplicity and logic to a concept so diverse and subjective. We present a perspective everyone can grasp, and make actionable, today!

We have so much great information available to us on what to do, how to think, and even what to say! Heck, we even have TV shows educating us about business strategy, effective cost management, employee development, quality leadership, customer retention and much more. The question is, why do we still struggle attempting to master the art of business?


What’s so unique about Biz Understood?

We give you a fresh perspective by thinking differently. We make complex puzzles seem simple, and we turn abstract theories into digestible content.

We fill our posts with analogies and metaphors, making sales, marketing, leadership and operations a little more fun to learn about. We fill our site with many quirky examples, real life stories, and insanely addicting word pictures!

Whether you’re starting up a massive tech company, or you just want to open up your own pie shop, why not make the risk manageable, and the process enjoyable? If you’re just an employee doing your job, why not learn this art of business? It may change your perspective, and help you move forward with your goals.


What’s with this E = E stuff?

Energy = Effectiveness is simple. This equation is what we like to call “the starting point of momentum.” It simply means that we as humans, have a natural discomfort of wasting our energy. When it becomes too much of a discomfort, we naturally want to adjust our approach, but often resort to traditional advice not necessarily intended for our situation.

E = E is a more about monitoring equilibrium than it is about being a driving force towards undeniable success. Even though we are told that success is about being incredibly wealthy, and influential, we know not everyone has that goal. Some people have simple goals to mirror their simple dreams. Others have massive goals of freedom and influence to mirror their complex nature. The two however, share a commonality of experiencing what’s personally important to them.

Just like not all cars are alike, goals also differ, and how we get there is just as unique. If we are honest with our passions, and we block out the noise, we can then truly take a stab at being effective with our goals. Like traveling on a highway, we all travel down the business road at our own speed, in our own car.

However, just like there are speed limits for different roads, the minimum requirements to reach your goals are also different. You’ll either develop and meet those minimums, or you’ll struggle and never reach success.

We want to share a technique that allows you to drive your car at your speed on the roads you choose, without forgetting the minimum requirements. If you make E = E the center core of all of your decisions, you’ll develop better! You’ll see things more logically, and you’ll be able to make mistakes without blaming others. Using this method will allow you to reach your personal success without feeling inferior to other’s.


  1. Thanks for following The Savvy Senorita, I appreciate it. All the best, Bex


  2. Steve says:

    Looking forward to reading more.


  3. The Writer says:

    Thank you! There is definitely more to come.


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